About Me

I, Ashok Kumar Verma, am a Government Approved Tourist Guide. I have been working as a tourist guide for last 25 years. You may also visit my websites.

I have started blogging for apprising the people at large regarding happenings in and around Varanasi.

I will be updating it WEEKLY.

Ashok Kumar Verma (Ashok Anand )

Mobile :  +91 9839041778 , +91 9415224153

web. : http://www.guideashok.com




Email : guideashokverma@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Living in Information Age, this is certainly a great ideal of yours to post blogs as it made easy to find and read about our cultural capital of India, Varanasi especially to .com and Google generation and people who are overseas and interested in learning and exploring more about INDIA, not to mention about the quality of information in these blogs, as it is coming form such an experienced and intellectual person like you!

    I often meet people who are interested in learning more about our country, now I know some credible blogs to refer to them.


    Harshit Verma.
    Sydney, AUSTRALIA

  2. Thanks to publish this blog .You are not only advertising our holy city but giving valble information to everyone who is interested to know the cultural ,philosophical and mythological aspect of Varanasi (The Eternal city)

  3. Such a wonderful job have been done by you that no else has done yet.You are the only tour guide in the world who is available for 24 hours with all kind of informations and knowledge about Indian culture and religion specially about the holy city of Varanasi.I welcome your efforts with a great fervour and gaiety.

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