It happens in Varanasi

People of Benaras are affectionately called Banarasi Baboo. Spontaneous and carefree life of Banarasees has drawn thousands of people to this holy city. Pilgrims and foreign tourists as well, try to understand the way of life of the Banarasis. What makes people drink the life to the lees?

Still Banarasis extend their gratitude to nature. Hindus worship birds, animal, plants, and trees. Something strange and meaningful happen everyday in this unique city.

There is a church in the very heart of the town at Godowlia crossing and adjacent to the church there is a ‘CHIKAN KURTA’ shop.

The glow sign board of the shop has a big picture of a bull. The bull’s picture indicates the presence of a Nandi bull inside the shop. Some four years back Nandi Baba inaugurated this shop. Fruits and sweets were put inside the shop and red ribbon was tied at the entrance. Baba was invited to eat the offerings. Breaking the ribbon Baba entered into the shop. Thus the shop was opened by Nandi Baba.

The shop houses a beautiful image of Lord Shiva with Nandi bull. Whenever Baba wishes to rest, he sits comfortably near the shrine, and customers as well as locals pay respect to Nandi Baba. Nandi Baba does not harm anyone. The presence of Nandi Baba enriches the glory and income of the shop.

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