Pitra Paksha-A homage to ancestors

(From16th September to 29th September 2008- First fortnight of Ashwin)

The first fortnight of Ashwin month dedicated to our ancestors is known as Pitra Paksha.People do Tarpan and Pindadaan (Libation of water to deceased ancestors [oblation], offering of food).

People pay tribute and homage to their deceased ancestors.

According to Hindu Text every Hindu has to pay a debt (Pitra Rin). The parents bear a lot of pain and hardship to bring up their children. It will be a show of ingratitude if we do not pay the debt (shraddha).

After Pindadaan, cows, dogs and crows are fed. People donate money and food to virtuous and poor Brahmins. The poor and needy are also fed during Pitra Paksha. These deeds please our ancestors.

Their satisfaction brings progress, happiness and prosperity in the family.

Hindus remember their ancestors and feel obliged. They perform Shraddha in celebracy and simple living.


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