Ageless magic of Ramleela of Ramnagar continues

The world famous Ramlila of Ramnagar is an important heritage of the city as it is still enacted in its pristine form without any mordern aid.

The Ramlila of Ramnagar takes place according to the lunar calendar, beginning on the 14th day of the waxing moon (Anant Chaudas) in the month of Bhadra.

People from far and near, including foreigners, gather in Ramnagar every evening for the whole month to watch the enactment of Ramleela, that has been enacted under the patronage of the Royalties of Banaras for nearly 200 years.

Every important scene in Ramcharit Manas has its own location in the precincts of Ramnagar and the sites have been selected for there appropriateness to the action.

For almost a month now the entire town of Ramnagar has turned into a stage. Different parts of the town are hosting different chapters of the Ramayana during this period that began on September 15 and will culminate on October 14, 2008.

The show is very popular  with international visitors. The tourists who are lucky enough to be visiting  Varanasi during this period try to schedule there itinerary so that they can also witness the unique show. Some foreigners are so inspired by these ancient tradition that they too shift to Ramnagar yearly to enjoy the experience with the locals.

The local are well-versed with the Ramleela culture and thirty-day period is awaited with great enthusiasm every year. This ancient tradition is still cherished here.

The historical origin of Ramleela is nor precisely known but it is believed that Tulsidas himself started the dramatization of the epic to make it more accessible to people.

4 thoughts on “Ageless magic of Ramleela of Ramnagar continues

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