Krishna tames Nag Kaliya on 02.11.2008

Thousands of people including foreign visitors watched the enactment of Nag Nathaiyya ( nailing the king cobra by Lord Krishna ) at the historic Tulsi Ghat on Sunday afternoon.

The Nag Nathaiyya Leela, known as one of the ‘lakkhi melas’ of the city, is enacted with religious fervour and devotion in the stream of Ganga on Tulsi Ghat.

Initiated by the legendary poet Goswami Tulsi Das, the event is organised  by Akhada Goswami Tulsi Das.  Lord Krishna jumped into the river and danced on the hood of the king cobra in the midstream.

A huge crowd of men, women and children thronged the Tulsi Ghat to watch the few minutes’ episode.

Prominent persons, including erswhile king of Baranas Maharaj Kunwar Anand Narain Singh and mahanth of Sankat Mochan Temple Veer Bhadra Mishra watched the episode.

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