Chhath concludes with rising Sun : 05.11.08

With the offering of water and milk to the rising sun, on Ghats the Chhath Puja concluded on Wednesday.

The prominent Ghats, including Dashashwamedh, Kedar, Rajghat and Asi witnessed huge gathering of devotee on the concluding day of puja.

The festival was marked two days of rigorous fasting apart from worshiping of setting as well as rising sun. Chhath is all about strong faith and self-discipline. The faithfuls believe that they will be blessed with son.

The growing popularity of festival, celebrated exactly six days after Diwali, can also be gauged from the fact that city hardly witnesses an inch of open space for two days during the festival.

As per tradition, devotees who mainly include elderly women, keep fast for two days. The other members of the family carry the fruits and other puja (worship) material in a basket called ‘Daal’ or ‘Daura‘.

Devotees prepare ‘Thekuaa’ (a sweetened snack made of wheat flour) the special prasad (food offered to the sun) of the festival.

The devotees also take a holy dip in the river or pond and worship the sun god- Surya Bhagwan.


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