Gulab Bari, Special event of Varanasi

After the festivity of  Holi , the city witnesses another colourful  event Gulab Bari ,a speciality of the city  that presents music concert amidst the shower of rose petals.

A music concert ( semiclassical) was held on Sunday April 5 at Gopi Kunj in Varanasi.


4 thoughts on “Gulab Bari, Special event of Varanasi

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  2. I want some authentic photographs of gulabbari concert of Benaras.swarganga,the musical organisation of Kolkata is going to organise one classical music programme named as Basantutsav made in the spirit of Gulabbari.To recreate the ambience of original Gulabbari,i need some photographs which help me to produce the essential ambience for the evening.We already requested our guest to wear traditional white dress.Please help me.Chandana

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