MAHAMOORKH SAMMELAN : Conclave of collossal fools

Conclave of collossal fools

    the poets recited verses in jocular vein.


This is a unique gathering of poets on fool"s day  (April 1, 2009).

9 thoughts on “MAHAMOORKH SAMMELAN : Conclave of collossal fools

  1. As a young boy growing up in Varanasi, I have distinct memory of Mahamoorkh Sammelan. It used to be organised at the Bhaddumal Ki Kothi – opposite Chowk Thana. Kamalapati Tripathi and Bahuji were quintessential players. So were Chakachak Benarasi and Saand Benarasi. What an era it was. I am away from the city since last 20 years. On occasional visits I see that the essence of the city has chaged. It has become more crowded, people more commercial and yes dirty. Do we still have the Assi Sammelan during holi.

  2. one of the famous events of varanasi started by my nana, Chakachak Banarasi. luv u nana. miss u a lot

    • chakachak was the greatest poet of all times. he could attract crowds like no one else could. from where can I get his masterpiece ‘ amousa ka mela amousa ka mela chale aaj —- guru aur chela

    • Chakachak was simply superb. Here are few lines that I remember.
      “Har Koi Pareshan Hai,
      Har Koi Trasta Hai,
      Mara Patak Key
      Je Kahe Aaj Pandrah Agast Hai.”

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