Lamahi village pulsates with memory of Munshi Prem Chand on 31.07.2009

Lamahi 31.07.09 060

Lamahi 31.07.09 007

Lamahi 31.07.09 011

Lamahi 31.07.09 094

Lamahi 31.07.09 035

Lamahi 31.07.09 041

Lamahi 31.07.09 067

Lamahi 31.07.09 019

Lamahi, the village located on the busy Varanasi-Azamgarh Road  and better known as the birthplace of noted Hindi novilist and story writer, Munshi premchand , buzzed with series of activities and functions to celebrate the birth anniversary of great literateur on Friday.

A number of colourful cultural programmes, including folk music and dance, were also organised on the Ramleela Ground in the village, as performance of local artists reminded of the social and cultural transformation that are strongly portrayed in the characters of Prem Chand.


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