Homage paid to freedom fighter and social activist J.P.Verma on 05.08.2009

Jairam priyadarshi 09 029

Jairam priyadarshi 09 054

Sanghamitra  paid homage and vowed to prove herself a worthy grand-daughter.

Jairam priyadarshi 09 056

Siddhartha , a grand-son of Late  J.P.Verma paid tribute and promised to follow his ideals.

Jairam priyadarshi 09 085

Narottam Shilpi recited poetry in local dialect ” Kashika “ on this occasion.

Jairam priyadarshi 09 108

Kunwar Singh “Kunwar” recited poetry to pay his tribute to Late J.P.Verma.

Jairam priyadarshi 09 144

Mr.Ramdas “Akela” recited poetry.

Jairam priyadarshi 09 154

Ashok Anand paid homage to his father and recited his poetry “Achievements Vs  Non-Acheivements”.

Achievements  ——————————— Non-Achievements

A successful man- ——————————-An unsuccessful man-

Two mills,————————————-Two pieces bread,

Three cars,—————————————-Three draughts of love,

Four trucks,  —————————————Four breaths of peace,

Five factories,  —————————-Regard of five,

Six shops,  ———————————-Six-feet shelter,

Seven gangsters, ————————–Seven troubles,

Eight cunning ways,  ———————–Eight entreaties,

Nine court-cases, ———————————Nine patriotic poems,

Ten bought degrees. ———————————Ten stories restoration.

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