Jeevputrika Vrat :12.09.2009













Jivitputrika Vrat, also known as Jiwit Putra, is observed for the welbeing of the sons by mothers. It  demonstrates limitless love and affection of a mother for her sons.

Jitiya is performed in the Krishna Paksh of the Ashwin maas (month) on Ashtami tithi (eighth day) as per the Indian calendar guided by the moon. The day is also celebrated as Lakshmi Parv (worship of Goddess Lakshmi) in other parts of India.

Jivitputrika Vrat is not dedicated to any particular deity. The sole aim of the Vrat is the long life of sons. After early morning bath and prayers, mothers start the fast and do not take any food during the whole day.Jiutya, a red and yellow sacred thread, is worn by mothers who undertake this fasting.

Jitiya is a Nirjala vrata as the devotee mothers abstain even from water which is the most essential thing  for  life.

Religious priests (Panditji) give information about the exact time for Paaran and women can break their fast only after that time. The dishes which are cooked for Paaran are also fixed. Women break their fast with saag (edible herbs) like Noni saag, Poi saag etc. and cakes made from the wheat  flour . This observance is based on legendary mythology and remains unaffected by modern culture.

Usually, Jiutiya fasting is done in a group and there will bhajans and narration of Jivitputrika Vrat Katha etc. The rituals associated with the Vrat vary from region to region but the purpose is the same.

One of the most prized possession women have been gifted with by the almighty God is to bring new life on earth. The glory of motherhood is celebrated during Jitiya festival by forsaking food and water and praying for children.


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