World Tourism Day celebrated on 27th September 2009



World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on 27th September. Its purpose is to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social,cultural ,political and economic value.

This year’s theme focuses on the world’s cultural wealth and the important role sustainable tourism plays in revitalizing local tradition and making them flourish as they cross other culture. A huge variety of local customs co-exist all over the world, be they languages,religions,architecture,food,politics or natural environment. This diverse environment has allowed the travel and tourism industry to thrive and become the largest single export industry leading force in the service sector. Every reason of the world is distinct and thus has something both to offer and gain through travel and tourism, particularly less developed nations. It is the responsibility of the industry stake- holders to harness these opportunities whilst facing the long term challenges engendered by travel and tourism. Tourism -celebrating diversity highlights this varied environment which is at the very center of tourism. Diversity has indeed ,been the motor behind travel and tourism for centuries . It is our responsibility to promote the sustainable development of the industry whilst conserving the unique facets present on the globe.

Diversity is one of the driving forces behind tourism and can allow all nations to share the numerous benefits brought about by building stronger ties with other countries , as such tourism is  an undisputed catalyst for building understanding , fostering social inclusion and promoting higher standards of living. This type of unity and collaboration is increasingly important as the world comes together to face climate change and ensure sustainable development, particularly in the context of the current economic crisis. These world-wide partnership allow for a more effective and global response to issues which concern us all.

Globalization must be understood as a means to improve  economic  collaboration and international understanding but not at the cost of diluting the rich cultural diversity present in  our world .  In this respect travel and tourism can and must play a key role. Tourism shares the social responsibility of promoting  the positive aspect of globalization as such must direct global networks towards balanced and sustainable development.


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