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Ashok Verma

ASHOK KUMAR VERMA is known in his circle as Ashok Anand. He is really the epitome of bliss. He is not only a Buddhist in faith but lives the tenets of Buddhism in word, thought, and action. Unaffected by sorrow and discontent, the stoic Ashok is like that thickly  leaved tree that bearing pain of autumn and storms provides cool shadows to all. The soothing affect of his personality is felt by all who come in contact with him, known or unknown .

Naturally inclined to fight for social justice, striving for harmony among all, Ashok’s social circle is vast. As an activist, and an enlightened and broadminded person, he is interested almost all aspects of social welfare, education, religion, politics, literature, music, media, theater, and  cultural activities. He is a gifted photographer too. Some of his photographs can be seen in gallery section of this website.

In every role he is happy and content, because like a true Buddhist he lives the ideals of compassion, love and brotherhood.

By establishing the Ashok Mission Educational Society and Ashok Mission School, he provides quality education to children and gives them good Sanskaras. As manager of Ashok Mission for many years, he is also devoted to spread Buddhist philosophy.

He has also left his cultural mark in as an organizer, coordinator and presenter of various literary and cultural programmes. Able to speak Hindi, English, Urdu and Bhojpuri, he expresses to his creativity in literature. He has made a mark in the literary work through “The Feeling” an anthology of his essays and poems.

Associated with government sponsored Buddhist festivals and many national and international voluntary organizations, he has successfully conducted many programmes.  For ten years, he appeared on All India Radio Varanasi as speaker on various topics.

Founding Ashok Mission Educational Society  :
To provide a quality education and give good sanskaras, he has established Ashoka Mission Educational Society and Ashoka Mission School for the complete development of children. The school has an efficient staff, library, medical facilities and conveyance. The school is living testimony to his social commitment . Cultural activities at the school honour artists from time to time.

Publication of The Feeling :
His creative imagination finds expression in his essays and poems which are anthologized in his book ‘The Feeling’.

Journeys by Bike & Motor Bike :
To study different tourist spots of the country and unite people of different regions culturally, he has covered entire north India on cycle and undertook and adventurous journey on motor bike to Bihar, Orissa, and Maharashtra, etc. winning laurels from colleagues in the travel industry and sportsmen as well.


One thought on “Other Activities

  1. hello ashok,
    you was our guide when we visited india, you invited us to a wedding an we met your wounderful family. I have a few photoes that i would like to send you of the bride and groom, i cant find your address, i remenber your son saying you had moved so the address we had was not correct. i love your website and your photoes, speak to you soon christine knight

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