Bharat Milap at Nati Imli : Ram reunites with Bharat

Amidst religious fervour, people watched the historic Bharat Milap of Nati Imli on Friday afternoon (10.10.08).

The centuries-old tradition of enactment of Bharat Milap, the mythological story of the reunion of Lord Rama with his brother Bharat after the 14-year exile, is held on the next day of Vijay Dashami at Nati Imli.

A large number of people from the city and adjoining areas assembled on Friday to watch the reunion of Ram with his brothers.

Following the age-old tradition, the erstwhile Maharaja of Banaras, Kunwar Anant Narain Singh, came on the royal elephant to watch the scene. The entire ground was jam-packed and the roofs of the neighbouring buildings were also crowded with people to witness the episode.

According to legends, Megha Bharat had a dream to dramatise the Bharat Milap. He staged the scene at Nati Imli.

At the moment of dramatic climax, he collapsed and died. In accordance with an old tradition, the Maharaja comes to Nati Imli from Ramnagar to attend the performance.